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RAM Annual Meeting: Wednesday, November 23, 2011 Wednesday, November 23, 2011 6:00 PM at AIRPORT PIZZA

Fun event for all radio hams and their guests

  • -- Free Pizza, coffee and tea for members
  • -- Hams may sign up for membership ($10 lifetime)
  • -- Presentations on ham radio topics, such as

    • -ARES: Amateur Radio Emergency Service
    • -IRLP: Internet linking of amateur stations, worldwide
    • -Area repeater projects
    • -Digital radio amateur techniques
    • -Extended range 6-meter communications

Door Prize and drawings will be held for

  • --two Puxing PX-777+ 2-meter handheld radio
  • --one Wouxing KG-UVD1 dual band vhf/uhf radio
  • --one Yaesu VX-8DR quad band hand held radio

Board Meeting: Thursday, July 14, 2011

Location: Martin Ruud's residence, 7:00 PM

Mark Hubert has passed away. This meeting was convened to appoint a new member of the Board of Directors and Officer. Appointed was Don Erickson, KL2ZF. He is now a director and the Treasurer of RAM, Inc.

IRLP Node Development Continues -- 4/10/11

RAM has plans to tie some villages and towns together via IRLP. This would encourage Ham Radio in those communities, and permit snowmachiners and travellers to stay in touch. The IRLP equipment is being gathered as of this writing. The Nome Node is on the air courtesy of Don Erickson, KL2ZF. RAM is actively looking for individuals that may wish to get involved.

Two-Meter 146.88 Repeater On the Air 1/15/09

The two-meter repeater (147.88-) intended for mountaintop deployment has been placed on the air to substitute while the GE 146.70 machine is being repaired. It is currently on the air. The intent is to have PL 103.5, however, it may be operating carrier squelch.

This is a 30-watt Maggiore repeater, with a special low-current controller. 4-Cavity duplexer. Located at Marty Ruud's residence.

Two-Meter 146.70 Repeater Damaged 10/15/08

The two-meter repeater (147.30+) was damaged when it was being moved for maintenance. The wiring harness for the duplexer cavities was torn. The harness was repaired, but is awaiting tuning up.

The repeater uses PL, tone squelch, thus requires that you send it Tone = 103.5 hz for it to hear you. It also sends out a similar tone, and optionally you can use the tone to help keep your receiver quiet.

Address questions to RAM, Inc, attn: Martin Ruud, WL7MR, P.O. Box 1668, Nome, Alaska 99762, 907-443-5826.

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