RAM Telephone Autopatch


What is an Autopatch?

Its a device that allows you to access the telephone system from your radio. You talk on your microphone and listen on your radio's speaker. Because your radio is push-to-talk it does not hear when you are talking, and the person on the other end cannot break into your spiel.

Since the radio channel is a shared resource, you must observe some courtesies and protocols while using it.

Making a Phone Call

It is just like using a phone at home. At home you would pick up the phone, listen for a dial tone, then dial out. After the conversation you hang up.

Likewise with the patch. Press  *   and get the dial tone, then dial the number. You will hear the phone ring at the other end. After the person picks up and you converse, hang up using the  #   key.

  •   *   To pick up the line and get the dial tone.
  • Dial the number, keep on the PTT while dialing all numbers.
  •   #   To hang up

Getting a Phone Call

As a rule, the FCC does not like incoming calls from unlicensed persons. Thus, the ability to "call-in" is password protected. Once in a while you may hear an incoming call. A warbling tone will be heard. You can answer with a * (to pick up) and hang up with a #, as usual. Incoming calls will probably only come from a repeater custodian.

If its a telemarketer or some other unauthorized caller, you should report this immediately to the repeater custodian, AL7X at 443-2437.

Some Hints and Kinks

A few things you ought to know:

  • Phone calls time out in 3 minutes, ready or not!
  • 10 seconds before call time outs, an alert tone will sound.
  • Long distance calls will not work.
  • Dialing a number beginning with a 0 or 1 will abort.
  • Dialing a phone number longer than 7 digits will abort.
  • Dialing 911 may or may not work at this time.

RAM intends to have 911 work, but it needs to be programmed in purposely. We have not tested it. If you have an emergency and 911 does not work, try calling 443-5262 which is the Nome Police Department. At some point, when we know the status of 911 autopatch function, we will update this page.

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Updated 10/7/07
Copyright © 2007, Ramon Gandia