Tested Frequencies and Sites

Updated: 9-16-2007

Six Meters:

51.620 for repeater transmit, 51.120, 52.120 & 52.620 repeater receive

Testing commences 8/14/07

Two Meters:

146.76- Tested extensively. Near KICY, there is spillover from KICY environment to 146.16; for about three blocks from Perkins, there is spillover from SPARC 146.94 to both 146.76 and 146.16.

147.00+ Tested. No noises heard anywhere except near KICY. Quiet one block away from KICY.

Parking next to Checker Cab repeater, the 147.6 mobile transmission would bleed into Checker. Half a block away at Mark's there was no interference. This is a usable channel, with the possibility that mobiles may QRM checker if within 300 ft of their garage.

145.20- Tested. Appears satisfactory. No interference to/from SPARC or Checker. Quieter, but not perfect at KICY. KICY site is very dirty.

Worry: Input is 144.60, which is 30kc from SPARC input for Goldengate. Would SPARC mobiles bleed into our GE Flatpack repeater?

145.23- Not tested. Input 144.63

147.30+ Tested. Quiet through town, no apparent interference to other communications systems. Input 147.90. This is the frequency pair finally selected. Coordinated with Alaskan Frequency Coordinator.

147.33+ Tested. Quiet through town, no apparent interference to other communications systems. Input 147.93. This pair selected as backup channel. Reserved with Frequency Coordinator.

146.70- Not tested. Input 146.10

Observations about sites


Dennis Wiedler contacted by Marty. Appears that permission can be obtained.

However, the site is very dirty. There are birdies and squelch breaks very often. Area does not appear suitable. Suspect high power FM transmitter is generating noise. However, a good GE Flat Pack with duplexer may not show problems. Rejected 8/17/07. Too many problems.

George Foot

George Foot contacted by Ramon. Appears amenable. The site may require visits, alterations as he remodels, but is workable. RF Environment appears clean. Existing antenna mast used for Knik Construction, but their repeater has been deactivated. Antenna is still up, may work for a while on 2 meters at least for further testing. Rejected 8/17/07, due ongoing construction on site.

Checker Cab Garage

Gary Hart nor R.Jones has been contacted. Permission is very likely. Tower would allow antenna at 50 to 60 ft level. The RF environment is not bad, but their repeater on 152.270 / 157.530? could be a problem. Specially us interfering with Checker. Rejected 8/17/07 due potential for interference with commercial repeater.

Hank Irelan

Former WiFi site. Hank contacted. Permission / rental obtained.

Building approximately 30 ft tall at roof peak, has perfect 20 ft mast on top. From personal experience I know this site overlooks town without shadows. The mast would make a repeater install easy. RF Environment clean on drive-by.

8/17/07. Irelan site selected, temporary split-site repeater installed on 147.30+. VHF receiver site & WL7MH's. Antenna replaced by Keith KL1CC and Ramon AL7X with Diamond X-30, and all hardware inspected and repaired as needed. Antenna tested and SWR is 1.05. Site is ready to go pending arrival of all equipment.

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