RAM - Nome City 2-Meter

Kenwood TKR-720 VHF Repeater:

  • 50 watt rated, turned down to 30 Watts
  • Power Supply: Built-in Linear
  • Controller/Patch: MCC RC-1000
  • Phone Patch Interface: AT&T Cellular
  • Battery Standby
  • Repeater Callsign: KL7RAM
  • Status 7/30/2012: Installed. ON the AIR.

Insided the TKR-720 Repeater:

  • Right side front is the Signalling/PL/Controller
  • Right side rear is the VHF transmitter and Receiver
  • Left Side is the Power Supply
  • Front Panel has vol, squelch, repeat on/off
  • Controller/Patch: MCC RC-1000 (not shown)
  • Cellular Phone Interface: not shown
  • In front of the repeater is the KPT-50 programmer

GE Mastr Executive II Repeater:

Retired March, 2012

  • 60 watt rated, turned down to 33 Watts
  • Built and assembled by Micro Computer Concepts
  • Power: Astron RS-35A
  • Controller/Patch: MCC RC-1000 (See above link)
  • PL Encoder-Decoder: Com-Spec TS-64DS
  • Repeater Callsign: KL7RAM
  • Status 7/29/2012: In storage as spare

Sinclair Q202GR Military Duplexer:

  • Mil-Spec, heavy wall cavities
  • Custom, 2-meter teflon coax, double shielded
  • All "type-N" connectors
  • Rated 90 db isolation

Our lofty and clean antenna!

  • Support Pipe Steel schedule 40 galvanized.
  • Free standing
  • Hinged base
  • Diamond X50A half wave Antenna
  • Feedline is RG-214 type Double-Shielded

This mast places the antenna base 30 ft above the roof, overlooking all powerlines, and all Nome rooflines.

The antenna is a Diamond X200A, 6 feet long. The tip of the antenna is 70 ft above ground level.

Ramon, AL7X, puts the finish touches!

  • Housing is a refrigerator hull.
  • Refrigeration components removed.
  • Fridge donated by Jimmy West
  • Unit gutted out, and adapted at Marty's WL7MR

The Finished Frigipeater

  • Better view. Astron Power supply on bottom.
  • Duplexer in the middle.
  • Repeater itself in freezer compartment.

Kenwoods are synthesized, have lower TX noise, and everyone knows Kenwood Stereos have sound almost as good as their repeaters.

GE makes the second best repeaters. The GE's have top loading, large capacity, extended rinse cycles, soap savers, finish buzzer and have more Chrome than Maytags.

Contact: Ramon Gandia, AL7X, 907-304-1053 for more details

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