Why another radio club?

By RAM, Inc, Nome, Alaska

Wandering about town we get asked the question, "Why a second ham club?" A good question indeed.

Most of the ones asking are either misguided, or think that there is hostility between the two groups.

The truth is that when ham radio was "young" in Nome, a lot of effort was spent in building up the SPARC repeater system. This was most interesting to the three SPARC founders.

As SPARC matured, the radio system satisfied a growing number of club members. There was a movement, or perhaps an inclination, to leave good enough alone. These users were not only satisfied with the present system, but also were dominant in its use. The tinkerers and experimenters were thought to be superflous and a bother.

The group became polarized, allegiances forged, and lines drawn in the sand. People became sensitive to what "the other guys" were thinking or doing. Some heated meetings took place, and the situation turned ugly.

We do not claim to be without bias; our interests lie along with the tinkerer and experimenter persuasion.

For those reasons it was thought that a second radio club would offer an outlet to those with different persuasions, or merely those seeking a different social environment: one with different by laws. Rather than polarize SPARC, with attendant resentments and hostilities, a second club was formed. The result, hopefully, will be peace and harmony.

Categorically, RAM is not anti-SPARC or anything of the sort. In fact, as of this writing, all RAM members are also dues-paying SPARC members. We participate in SPARC to whatever extent we feel comfortable, and wish it no ill. RAM wishes a spirit of cooperation to exist between the two organization within common goals.

Thus, a second club of Radio Amateurs means that hams can get involved in whichever group they feel at home with. Many will wish to belong to both groups!

Last revised November 16, 2007

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