The Three Founders
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Mark Hubert, WL7MH


Ramon Gandia, AL7X
Personal Website
How Ramon became a Ham
Parody of Ramon's old station
The Swan 350 SSB transceiver
Ramon's First Mobile Chevvy


Marty Ruud, WL7MR

As first president and founder, we thought this parodical picture of Mark would be appropiate. Note the serious demeanor, the stoic appearance and mature mien. Printed on the right piece of paper this is worth one dollar!


This is not really Ramon. But as a joke, we thought we would put up a picture of a famous orator that reminds of us Ramon. He never stopped talking, either. See if you can guess who this picture is!


While his real picture is linked, this Alternate Reality picture of Marty will serve. Note the disheveled hair, the fuzzy facial appearance, and interminable lectures about Radio, Life, the Universe and everything makes this a remarkable likeness.

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