RAM - Nome City 2-meter

  • TX: Kenwood TKR-720 -- 25 Watts
  • Former TX: GE Mastr Exec II
  • Antenna: Diamond X50NA -- 2db gain
  • Address: 703 East 3rd Ave, Nome, AK
  • Duplexer: Sinclair Q202-GR
  • Controller: RC-1000
  • Phone Patch via AT&T Cell
  • Coordinates: 64-29-42 x 165-23-05

Site Courtesy Jim Stimpfle, KL0LL

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Repeater was moved here in January, 2012. Thanks to the work being done by Randy Oles, KL0JS; Marty Ruud, WL7MR; Jim Stimpfle, KL0LL; Jack Gadamus, KL3HO; Tom Gray, KL0CQ; and Ramon Gandia AL7X.

Features include password protected Radio and Phone line control, autopatch, programmable CW ID, limited telemetry and PL access, and more. -- AL7X

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